Uploading files to phpbb

Uploading files to phpbb

Postby lumpy » Fri Dec 21, 2012 4:59 pm

basics of using ftp to work with phpbb

always make sure that you have the correct folders open in both sides of the filezilla interface.

on the left should be the copy of your board that you have on your computer
on the right should be the root of your board. the root of the board is where the config.php file is.
in your case, it is also the root of the site because you have the board installed in the root of the site.
this is what it should look like:


you move files from one side to the other by either dragging and dropping or by right clicking on the file/folder
and choosing "upload" or "download" as the case may be.

whatever folder the file comes from that is where it has to go on the other side.
so, for instance, if you are working with the style you would open the styles folder on the left and right sides
then open the we_clearblue folder on both sides


then open whichever folder you need on both sides ( the images, template or theme folder )
in this image the template folder is open on both sides:


let's say you have made changes to the overall_header.html file. you would right click on that file on the left side
then choose upload.
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