Making changes to your phpbb files

Making changes to your phpbb files

Postby lumpy » Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:57 am

Editing phpBB

The built in editor in the admin panel is only for temporary edits. When you purge the cache or refresh
the template/theme etc. those edits will most likely be gone.

Using the hosting control file manager or any kind of web page builder software like dreamweaver or frontpage etc.
or Word or Wordpad or any kind of word processing software can and will corrupt the phpBB files.

Therefore, to edit the phpBB files you should follow these suggestions:

1. Get a real ftp program like Filezilla. It is free and many of us use it.

2. Get a real file editor like Notepad++ or Editpad Lite
They are both free and many of us use one or the other.

3. When you need to edit a file, download it using the ftp program, open it using your text editor.
Make your edits, save the file and upload it back to the server using the ftp program.

4. Go to your admin panel, styles tab, refresh the template/theme/imageset for whatever style you are editing.

5. Refresh your browser to see the changes you made.

If you are going to be doing a lot of changes, having to refresh the templates etc. every time is a bore.
Therefore, go to the admin panel to the main menu. Near the bottom of the left side menu you will see: "Load Settings"
click on that. On the next page down near the bottom you will see: "Recompile stale style components". Set that to yes and submit.

Now, you will not have to refresh the style after every change. You will most likely have to refresh your browser each time.
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