Install phpBB

Install phpBB

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How to Install phpBB
  • Get a real ftp program like Core-FTP. It works well, is easy to use and free.
    Install it and learn how to access your server with it. The details you will need should be in the email you received when you signed up for your hosting account.
  • Using your hosting control panel, create a new/blank database for your board. ( if you don't know how to do this, ask your host. )
  • Download the current version here: Current Version
  • Unzip the phpBB3 zip file to a local directory on your computer somewhere that you can find it.
  • Upload the included phpBB3 folder to your server. Upload it all at once using drag and drop.
  • Change the permissions on config.php to be writable by all (666 or -rw-rw-rw- within your FTP Client)
  • Change the permissions on the following directories to be writable by all (777 or -rwxrwxrwx within your FTP Client):
    [c]store/[/c], [c]cache/[/c], [c]files/[/c] and [c]images/avatars/upload/[/c].
  • Point your web browser to the location where you uploaded the phpBB3 files with the addition of [c]install/index.php[/c] or simply [c]install/[/c], e.g. [c][/c], [c][/c].
  • Click the INSTALL tab, follow the steps and fill out all the requested information.
  • Change the permissions on config.php to be writable only by yourself (644 or -rw-r--r-- within your FTP Client)
  • phpBB3 should now be available.
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