What is FTP and why you need it.

What is FTP and why you need it.

Postby lumpy » Tue Oct 14, 2014 3:38 pm

FTP programs are used to upload/download files between your computer and your hosting account/server.

Working with zip files and FTP
Some hosts say you can upload a zip file and unzip ( decompress) it on the server. This is really not a good idea.
Often it will result in corrupt and/or missing files and you will have problems that are hard to track down.
By unzipping it on your computer and uploading the contents of the zip file, you will eleminate all those issues.

So, pick a FTP program, download it and install it on your computer.
Once installed you will need to set it up to connect to your hosting account.

Logging In
Of course, to use FTP, you need to login to your server. If you do not know what information you need to connect to your FTP server, then ask your host. Usually, that info is included in the email your host sent you when you first
signed up for the hosting account. If you don't have that info, then contact your host for it.
All you need is the following:
  • Server adress - location of FTP server (usually your website address)
  • Username - Username used to login
  • Password - Password used to login

Here are some of the more popular FTP Programs
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