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Hi and welcome to, the place to be for all your phpbb questions.
Please help us to help you.

1. you must fill out the support request form.
2. you must give us a link to your board so we can help you.
(IF you must , you can PM the link to the person helping you instead of posting it in the
support request form.)
3. If you are going to have a website/bulletin board then you will need to learn the basics of how to do it.
  • how to use your hosting company control panel
  • how to setup and use ftp
  • how to setup and use a good text editor
4. terminology: Proper terminology is important when asking for support.
in phpBB:
the whole thing is a board
within that board you will have categories
within those categories you will have forums
within those forums you will have topics
within those topics you will have posts

we can't read your mind.
remember to fully explain your situation.
use images, links to your site and/or other sites that explain exactly what you are talking about.
do NOT assume that we know what xyz program or script is.
do NOT assume that we know what you are talking about.
many times people with support questions ask us to explain things to them like they are completely ignorant about phpbb. well, the same holds true for us. explain things in detail as if you were trying to describe it to someone that does not know anything about your board (because we don't ).
If you are happy with my services, please consider a donation by clicking on the donation button below so I can continue to provide help.
Thank you
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